WP International Conferences

The first WP international conference of the network (WP1b), "Modernization of the Criminal Justice Chain. The Importance of Trust, Cooperation and Human Capital", was held on 30 and 31 October 2014 at the States Archives (Brussels). The UCL, KUL and ULg-teams acted as the main organizers. Six different projects were identified within the WP1b and were the central points of the conference. Each session opened the discussion with researchers at an international level as well as with the policymakers or the end-users. A round table reunited experts. The final conclusions were made by Michèle Coninsx, president of Eurojust. About 120 people attended the conference. The conference proceedings were published by Springer (series Ius Gentium. Comparative Perspectives on Law and Justice, 50): HONDEGHEM A., ROUSSEAUX X., SCHOENAERS F. (eds), Modernisation of the Criminal Justice Chain and the Judicial System. New Insights on Trust, Cooperation and Human Capital, Cham, 2016.

The second WP international conference (WP2) was devoted to the theme of experiences of justice. The VUB, USL-B and UGent-teams acted as the main organizers. This two-day international conference was held in Brussels (La Tricoterie) on 5 and 6 March 2015. Two keynote lectures, by eminent international experts (Henk Elffers, VUAmsterdam & Mary Bosworth, Oxford University), and five thematic workshops addressed one or more of the following themes: the conceptualisation of experience; methodological issues (which sources and approaches can be mobilised to research experience?); interdisciplinary and comparative reflection on the results of on-going empirical research into experiences of justice. The conference welcomed about 70 participants over the two days, coming from 21 different universities and research institutes, including 15 Belgian and 6 foreign institutions. The publication of the conference proceedings with Springer (series Ius Gentium) is expected by Winter 2016.

The third WP international conference (WP3), entitled "Doing Justice. Multiple Interplays between Justice & Populations during the Two World Wars", took place in Brussels (CegeSoma) on 3 and 4 December 2015. The main organizers were the CegeSoma, UGent, UCL, RMA and HU Berlin-teams. A keynote lecture by Clive Emsley (Open University) and five thematic panels discussed the WP3 research results around three main themes: actors, practices and expectations of justice. This scientific event attracted about 60 people, including many relevant international scholars. The publication of the conference proceedings in the Springer's series Ius Gentium is planned for December 2016.

The fourth WP international conference (WP1a) was organized by the ULB and USL-B-teams in Brussels (ULB) on 9 and 10 March 2016. This international scientific event focused on Belgian judicial sources relevant to issues of international justice and international law. It combined views from the field with scholarly research in the social and legal sciences. Five thematic panels, offering three presentations each, dealt successively with experiences, records, classifications, actors and international justice. A keynote lecture was delivered by Kerstin von Lingen (Universität Heidelberg). Speakers came from 7 different Belgian institutions and 7 foreign institutions. The conference welcomed about 50 participants over the two days (a number rising up to about 100 as far as the keynote lecture was concerned).

The fifth and last WP international conference (WP4), "The Art of Law. Artistic Representations and Iconography of Law and Justice in Context from the Middle Ages to the First World War", took place in Bruges (Groeninge Museum) from 16 to 18 January 2017.

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