Research Projects attracted by IAP P7/22

The network plays a pivotal role in the attraction of new research projects in the field of legal and justice studies. Mentioned here are only the research programs involving two or more IAP teams:

  • FNRS-FRFC BELGAFRIMA Prosopographie des magistrats coloniaux belges (1885-1962) (2011-2014), promoters: X. Rousseaux (UCL), A. Tixhon (UNamur)
  • COLOREV project La colonisation européenne en revue (2013-2014), promoters: D. Gilles (Université de Sherbrooke), F. Renucci (Lille 2), N. Tousignant (USL-B)
  • BELSPO-BRAIN TIC-BELGIUM Transnational Belgium. International Social Reform Organizations and Congresses, 1840-1914 (2013-2017), coordinator: C. Verbruggen (UGent); promoters: X. Rousseaux (UCL), K. Velle (SA), S. Van Hooland (ULB), N. Randeraad (Maastricht University)
  • BELSPO-BRAIN GWB The Great War from Below. Multiple Mobility and Cultural Dynamics in Belgium (1900-1930) (2013-2017), coordinator: N. Wouters (CegeSoma); promoters: M. Amara (SA), K. Matthys (KUL), A. Tixhon (UNamur), A. Vrints (UGent)
  • BELSPO-BRAIN MEMEX WW1 Experiences and Memories of the Great War in Belgium (2013-2017), coordinator: L. van Ypersele (UCL); promoters: A. Vrints (UGent), O. Klein (ULB), E. Brems (KUL), C. Kesteloot (CegeSoma)
  • BELSPO-BRAIN BELVIRMUS-WW2 Musée virtuel belge de la Seconde Guerre mondiale (2014-2017), coordinator: K. Velle (SA); promoters: B. De Wever (UGent), R. Van Doorslaer (CegeSoma), X. Rousseaux (UCL), C. Brull (ULg)
  • BELSPO-BRAIN JUSINBELLGIUM Un siècle de jurisprudence pionnière. Une base de données digitales de précédents belges en matière de justice internationale, 1914-2014 (2014-2019), coordinator: P. Lagrou (ULB); promoters: S. Dubois (SA), J. Wouters (KUL), W. Form (Philipps-University Marburg)
  • FNRS-FRFC PDR Belgafrican Magistrates Social Networks (2014-2018), promoters: X. Rousseaux (UCL), A. François (UCL), N. Tousignant (USL-B)

The Interuniversity Attraction Pole P7/22 "Justice & Populations: The Belgian Experience in International Perspective, 1795-2015" (BeJust 2.0) is part of the Interuniversity Attraction Poles Programme Phase VII (2012-2017), financed by the Belgian Science Policy Office of the Belgian State.

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