WP1a: Justice and International Dynamics

This WP takes the judicial system as its point of departure to examine different levels of justice-society relationships from the viewpoint of structured groups and collective actors. The goal is to move beyond the level of the nation-State to consider the networks of international law, justice and policing, as well as colonial powers in their exchanges with the metropolis. At the international level, Belgian jurists play(ed) an important role in configuring International Justice through exchanges on international law, colonial law, occupation law, law of armed conflicts, war crimes and human rights. There is also considerable Belgian involvement in the development of transnational jurisdictions of regulation and control (such as Interpol, Euro-Pol and Euro-Just) as well as in international policing practices.

Coordinator: Pieter Lagrou

Partners involved: UCL, USaint-Louis, UGent, ULB, RMA, Cegesoma, CHJ (Lille 2), Cesdip (UVSQ)


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WP1a (BeJustInt)
Picture: ©Cegesoma, image nr° 49241: Permanent Court of International Justice, Legal Status of Eastern Greenland, The Hague, 21/11/1932

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